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Birthday Party FAQ’s

Q. Can I come in early?
A.  Sorry, no.  Employees will be setting up for your party and preparing for all incoming customers.  

Q. If we arrive late can we stay late? 
A. No.  We have reserved table space for you and your guests for a hour time slot.  At the end of this time slot we will need this space to accomodate additonal guests.  If you would like to stay longer we will need you to relocate.

Q. Can I stay longer than the 2 hour reservation time?
A. Sure, however we have reserved table space for you and your guests for 2 hours.  At the end of your time slot we may need this space to accomodate addional guests - you may need to relocate.    

Q. When is a deposit due?
A. A deposit of $25 is required when reservations are made.  You will be billed before your party is over.  Payment is required in full. Your deposit will be credited toward your final bill.  Deposits are transferrable, but non-refundable. A notice of 7 days is required for party date changes.   We accept cash, debit/credit cards and personal checks.

Q. When do I pay for my party?
A. Your Birthday host/hostess will ask for full payment before the end of your party.

Q. When do I need to give my "final head count” ?
A. We do not require a “final head count,” however, the amount of table space reserved will be determined by your reservation’s head count.  When making a reservation we will ask you for approximate number of guests - this is for our scheduling purposes. After your party has begun we will get an accurate guest count and you will be charged accordingly.

Q. Do I include adult guests in my “head count?”
A. No. Adults receive free admission if they don't skate.  Beverages and snacks for adults are not included in the birthday packages, but may be added to your tab if you would like, or they may be purchased from our Snack Bar.

Is there a minimum or maximum number of guests required for a party?
A. No.  If you are looking at hosting a larger party, however, you may be interested in our Private Party option. See the left panel on this page.

Q. How will my guests be admitted?   Does my entire party need to arrive together?
A. When guests arrive they simply mention the birthday child's name at the door and they will be admitted. Refreshments will be ordered approximately 30 minutes after your schedlued start time. So your guests should arrive as close to your start time as possible.

Q. Can I bring in my own snacks?
A. A cake or cupcakes are allowed, however, no other carry-in food or drink is permitted. If you do decide to bring your own cake, you are responsible for any cake plates or forks you will need.  

Q. What types of skates are included with my package?
A. Regular roller skates and roller blades are included for all children and adults.