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22466 Shore Center Dr., Euclid, OH

Roller Fun and More

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About Us

Skating Surface
What separates us from the rest of the roller rinks in our area is our floor. It's rotunda-designed high grade maple. Our floor is super tight so skaters can roll around the curved ends at faster speeds. The tightness is great for artistic and freestyle maneuvers.

Our isles are an extension of the skating area, so there is no abrubt change of the skating surface as you leave the skating floor. There is no carpet to slow you down suddenly and cause falls.

Sound System
It will blow you away. Woofers that shake the buliding and rock your bones.

Our DJs' creative use of our light system adds to the atmosphere created by the music. We have spinners, floods, colored flourescents, spinning mirrors and more.

Video Games
We have the latest video games in our Game Room. They are continually updated so we keep pace with the most recent games; sure to keep the children happy.

Customer Care
We at Pla-Mor value our patrons' concerns and opinions. Our aim is to make your experience an enjoyable one so you will want to come back, and also so you will want to tell your friends. No other roller rink cares about you like we do. We will treat you with the utmost respect.